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Hi there, thanks for your interest in my newsletter. I caught the startup bug towards the end of my computer science degree in 2015. Since graduating, I have worked at various early stage FinTech startups and SaaS businesses.

In April 2019, I quit my software engineering job to build an eCommerce logistics startup full-time.

Don't let the title “CTO” confuse you. I am simply a hands-on technical founder; part of a nimble yet effective development team.

In this newsletter, I will be sharing my struggles and learnings as a first-time founder. Topics will include development methodologies, software architecture and organizing development teams. I might occasionally write about product development, sales and marketing as well.

I will be writing for a technical audience in mind, developers primarily. However anyone interested in tech startups might find valuable insights in this newsletter.

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Ersel Aker photoErsel Aker

Technical Co-founder at JustFulfil